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Create Greater Impact & Sustainable Success without burning out

Let’s breakthrough to the next level you and build mental fitness to help you experience business success + sustained happiness. 


Only 1 out of 10 high achievers rate themselves as authentically happy. Most describe themselves as overwhelmed, frustrated and looking for actual proven strategies to help breakthrough to their next level. 

Now consider this.


Imagine if you were not only happier but also performed better. What would the impact of the business be?

LET'S create greater impact & sustainable success today.

How much do you care about your business? The answer is probably a lot! As a high achiever, then you’ll know how much focus and dedication it takes to succeed. But it’s been hard, particularly with a patriarchal society where women like us have unique struggles + limiting beliefs. 

You’re tired of nothing truly working or change actually lasting. You feel like a failure +  you’re looking for answers from everywhere ‘out there’ but nothing seems to be working.

As a high achiever, you want a high performance coach who has researched backed strategies and tools that you can use for the rest of your life + accomplish greater impact and sustainable success without burning out. 

"Ailish is the best thing I could have ever done for my business. I'm now 800% higher than when I started and my business now fills me in a way I never thought it would."

She has propelled me and pushed me and given me the swift kick in the pants that I sometimes need. 


Let's chat science.

You have two very different Parts in your brain.

The one that occasionally comes out to congratulate you on doing great (the thrive part of your brain) but mostly the other part of your brain that send you into survival mode being stressed about everything + achieving nothing.  

That’s not your fault. You were brought up in a society that hasn’t given you the tools to succeed in a way that feels good FOR YOU. But there’s now a better way. 

When we know better, we do better, right? And when we can use new habits to build up the neurons in our brain to change their response, we can start to thrive, interrupt old patterns of sabotage + create a new story.

Let's give ourselves the space + grace to start again.

So how does this better way work?

What if you could work with more ease and flow, knowing you have the right (science based with a lil’ bit of woo) toolkit to create the most sustainably successful version of you that deeply trusted yourself?

What if you could then create even more impact in the world with business strategies that were proven, guidance from someone who had experience in corporate + running an award winning biz + helping other brands to grow to six figure + seven figure brands?


A 90 day high performance experience designed to accomplish greater impact & sustainable success without sacrificing your personal life or burning out. 

“Ailish's guidance has not only improved my business performance but has also transformed my overall well-being."

Her expertise in mindfulness and positivity has brought balance and happiness to my life, while her personalised coaching has helped me reach new heights in my career.”

Shivali Benson, managing director

"Working with Ailish has been life changing".

- Shahnaz, founder

Give yourself the space to Be who you truly are.


Ailish is the best business coach ever. 

— Jo, CEO

Ailish is extremely inspiring and insightful, it’s like having a coach, friend and cheerleader all in one.

— Hannah, founder

“If you’re on the cusp…just go for it. Ailish is my non negotiable monthly outgoing for my business, and has been for well over a year…nearly two I think, time flies!

— ALICE, founder

Next Steps


Let’s review where you’re at and if we’re right for each other. This isn’t a sales call, if I don’t think it’s a good fit, I know sooooo many other people that could potentially help and I’ll happily recommend them. Because, together we all rise.


If we decide to go ahead, you’ll get access to the app to get started right away along with an email of next steps about our exciting adventure ahead! 



breakthroughs start To happen!

Your breakthroughs will start to happen quickly once we begin + your goals will start to become easier + easier. 



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meet your high performance coach

Hello, I'm Ailish

I’m passionate about high performance coaching and helping ambitious women create more trust, joy + growth in their business and lives. 

I trained with Mind Valley as a Business Coach / Consultant , I’m a qualified Mental Fitness Coach and have worked with start up to established brands coaching + consulting them to six & seven figures. I founded an award winning membership for beauty brands to learn marketing + social media which was recognised by CEW + Google for its work.

I have over a decade of experience within the beauty industry, a Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma and in a previous life worked in corporate in the Sales + Marketing Strategy team. 

High Performance Coaching is my zone of genius. I know I can help others perform in their zone of genius too. Because if I can impact you, you can then impact others which creates a larger force for good in the world.

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I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about Coaching. You can email me directly at [email protected] and we’ll return the email within 24 business hours.