The Sparks + Space Podcast

Welcome to the Sparks and Space Podcast hosted by Ailish Lucas, High Performance Coach.

Giving you sparks of inspiration and the space to remind you who you truly are. 

You’ll find weekly doses of mindset and business strategies to help you create more joy, freedom and growth to help guide you in creating a business and life that makes you feel free instead of overwhelming.

Ready, Set, Listen to...The Sparks and Space Podcast.


High performance strategies and getting to the root of what’s blocking you is key around here. With awareness of the unique struggles female entrepreneurs have in a patriarchal society, there are no ‘old white dude’ strategies here. 

life as a female entrepeneur

Ah it’s fabulous, right?! 

Real talk with humourous stories, metaphors galore and a dose of real talk (because I have things to say and it’s time I said them). 

the joy of business

Tips + tricks on how to get off the struggle train, get onto living a life that’s truly what YOU want and not what insta shows you as success and falling in love with life + business, even if you’re a bit of a cynical Brit like I am.